Armageddon flame

Her arms felt like lead as she swung the pipe at the leading zombie. The makeshift weapon connected with a sickening crunch, caving it’s skull in and sending the now fully dead monstrosity crashing to the ground. Another stumbled as it tried to step over the body, only to be sent crashing to the ground as another blow crushed through the top of it’s head.

Screaming her defiance as she backed down the narrow hallway, past a shattered window that looked out on the broken Russian landscape, she swung again, dropping a third to the ground. As more filled the doorway and stumbled over the bodies on the ground, she leant against a metal pillar and tried to control her tears.

As another reached out for her she swung the pipe, snapping it’s outstretched arm in two and pushing the zombie back. As she drew the pipe back for a second strike the light streaming through the broken window burst into brilliance. Where it touched, including the zombie attacker, erupted with thick black smoke. Dropping to the ground and pressing herself against the pillar she felt the heat as it began to incinerate all it touched. Two more zombies stumbled into the light blazing through the now widening window. As they exploded into flame and smoke the building began to shake. Like a giant freight train bearing down on her, she felt the blast wave approaching.

She screamed as the world exploded around her. Huddled against the pillars base she watched through chocking dust as the building began to collapse, dragging her down into a flame engulfed hell.


2 Responses to Armageddon flame

  1. anonymous says:

    I don’t think this one posted right.

  2. only1rob says:

    Weird, I lost a good chunk of that one 😦

    Ah well I have amended it as best I can, thanks for pointing it out to me!

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