Listen to the details

“HaHa! Yeah! come on then, COME ON! Chaz, gimmie one of those bottles, I’m gonna light the fuckers on fire!”

Chaz looked at Barry “Are you sure Baz? Isn’t that like, murder or something?”

Chaz grabbed the bottle from him, and started to stuff an old rag into the top “Nah, they said it was OK on the news, they got no feeling or somethin. Anyway, cops are too busy up at the stadium, who gives a rats eh?”

Facing the two shuffling undead Chaz lit the rag and hurled the flaming bottle at them. It struck the first one directly in the face, shattering and engulfing them in flames.

“Yeah, burn you freaks! Burn!”

As the flames swirled around the two zombies, they continued their advance on the boys, arms outstretched jaws hanging open.

“Shit, why don’t they stop?” said Chaz, turning to Barry, who was no longer by his side. Turning Chaz looked around the alley, “Baz? Where you go mate? You’re not scared are ya?”. Reaching down he picked up his beer can and turned back to watch the bonfire. As he turned the first zombie had closed the gap to less than ten feet. Shocked, Chaz dropped his beer and turned to run, kicking into the gas can at his feet. As he stumbled and the zombies bore down on him the gas fumes ignited around him. The flames clung to his jacket and hair. Screaming he dropped to the ground, trying to put the flames out. As he rolled over he saw the first zombie, glass embedded face melting from the heat, reach out and grab his throat.

His shrill screams quickly stopped as the zombies tore into him.

Behind a trash can nearby Baz quietly wet himself and prayed they wouldn’t see him.


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