Zombie Combat Guide, From A to Z

When dealing with the zombie menace remember you’re A to Z’s:

  • Just like the letter A, you should stay as far away from a zombie as you can
  • Zombies will always move in a direct line toward their nearest object of interest. If this object of interest is your brain, try to place a large object between it and the zombie, such as a crate, car or building.
  • Don’t be lonely, much as zombies like the company of other zombies, you should group together with other survivors, safety comes from numbers!
  • Remember, taking Z’s will get you killed! Find a safe location and set a guard, because no one likes to wake up to a zombie eating their brains!
  • A stands for Aim. Aim for the Brain! A direct shot to the brain will make the walking dead into plain old dead.
  • H stands for Hand to Hand Combat and just as H stays away from Z and A, so should you!
  • Lastly if you are bitten by a zombie remember you ABC’s
    • Acknowledge you are infected
    • Blow your brains out
    • Congratulate yourself on a job well done

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