Beach Landing

— Radio Transcript Starts —

-This is beach base 2, Normandy, Bunker 8. I repeat this is beach base 2, Normandy, Bunker 8. We have a confirmed bottom walker coming ashore; sniper squad has been dispatched-

2 minutes of radio silence

-This is beach base 2, if anyone’s listening we’ve got a major problem here, there must be at least a hundred coming ashore now-

-Seriously is anyone listening, I thought we were supposed to be using this to communicate! We need backup, they just keep coming from the sea, there must be thousands on the beach now. We haven’t heard anything from the sniper team, the bastards probably ran-

4 minutes of radio silence

-Beach base 2, is anyone out there?-

2 minutes of radio silence

-Oh shit! Oh shit! Shit! They’ve seen something, they’re starting to move up the beach, their coming straight for our bunker. Fuck, fuck, guys don’t make a sound-

30 seconds of radio silence

-I know, I know, it’s taped down now, no more static. Stay quiet guys, fuck there’s still more coming from the sea. Shhh shhh, don’t say anything, their outside!-

2 minutes of open radio silence

-The door! Block the door! NO NO, shoot it!


-Oh god, there all coming, shoot them! SHOOT THEM! If anyone is listening, please send help! No get off! NO-

Screams and fighting

28 minutes 14 seconds of open mic radio follow, with occasional moans and shuffling sounds audible
Audio feed cuts off abruptly

The sniper team reports all recon bases are overrun, with test subjects lasting on average 12 minutes from landfall

—This concludes field test 14c—


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