Little House on the Pier

The scout party returned to the barricade blocking the entrance to the pier, dragging a cart full of scrap metal.

“Ahoy” the leader called up to the barricade guards “You want to send someone down to help us haul this stuff inside?”

“Sure thing, there much activity out there?” the guard called back

“No, we found one crawler but otherwise its pretty quiet”

A short while later the gate swung open and two guards walked out, with rifles slung over their shoulders. As they brought the metal onto the pier, one of the fishermen at the far end of the pier started shouting and running back to the encampment at the middle of the pier.

“There’s a ship coming, there’s a ship coming!”

Scrap metal forgotten the pier residents all began to run toward the railings to see the sighted ship.

Over the next several minutes it came closer and closer, on an obvious course for the wharf from which the pier jutted out.

“It’s a cruise ship! Man that thing is huge, it must be what 80, 90 thousand tons?” said one of the watchers.

“Easily.” Replied another “Shouldn’t it be slowing down though?”

“Oh crap”

With that, the cruise ship, under full speed, glided along the right side of the pier, heading toward the shore. With a sickening crunch the bow began to plow into the rapidly rising sea bed. The scream of metal tore through the air and giant gashes began to appear along the side of the ship as it buckled from the impact. A massive iron girder punched out from the side of the vessel as it plowed onwards, spinning away from the ship, cutting through the pier like a knife through butter. On the pier the residents were running to the opposite side, throwing themselves to the waves below, several were crushed as the girder tore through the floor, snapping timber supports like twigs.

With a final shudder the cruise ship came to a halt, its engine still churning the water behind the beached ship. Looking at the destruction the pier dwellers watched as figures began to drop from the deck high above them and more stumble out of the torn hull. Lurching and groaning the undead began to make their way toward the survivors. As the undead poured through the now useless barricades the living gathered what weapons they had to hand and prepared to make their final stand.


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