The mist and the bridge

“Why won’t they stop?!”

“You know why, now come on! There’s a bridge up ahead, we might be able to lose them on the other side”

Grabbing her arm Jake pulled her along toward the bridge that stretched out into the mist. Behind them he could hear the groans as their pursuers continued their relentless chase.

As they reached the first support truss they passed a hand painted sign that read “All foot traffic keep left”.

“That looked new” said Alyx.

“Yeah maybe, lets just keep moving and worry about that later right?”

Moving out on to the bridge they could see rusted vehicles lined up on the left lane of the bridge. 30 feet later they came across another hand painted sign in the middle of a line, stretching from one side of the bridge to the other, “Dead on the right, living on the left”.

Jake kicked at the sign “What dumb ass put this here? Come on, I can see a building up ahead, lets get off of here and find a way to lose these bastards. Stay to the left my ass, its full of damn cars, idiots”

As he stepped out past the line a shot rang out, Jake jerked and collapsed to the ground, blood pouring from the right side of his head. Alyx took one more step and then fell to his side as a second shot rang out across the mist shrouded bridge.

On the second floor of the house, Bud reloaded his rifle while his son peered through the binoculars at the bridge, “Pa I’m not sure they were zombies!”

“Of course they were son, the signs are clear enough, now pass me another box of ammo, there’s some more coming up the clear side of the bridge, soon as they cross that line, their mine!”


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