Gone Fishing

The boat rocked gently on the calm lakes surface.

A figure cast his fishing line out away from the boat, the hook landing with a small splash, distorting the reflection of a full moon.

While he waited for a bite he sat back and looked at the stars, enjoying the peaceful calm the night time brought.

With a jerk, his line went taut, almost pulling the rod from his hands.

The fisher began to heave on the rod and started to wind in his catch. After several minutes the water began to churn around the line as his catch neared the surface.

Reaching back behind him he the fisherman picked up an object and continued to reel his catch in. With a loud moan, a pallid face broke the water’s surface and darkened algae covered arms reached for the boat.

A loud shot rang out across the lake. The fisherman reached down, freed his hook, pushed the now still body back under the water and with that, recast his line and went back to watching the stars.


One Response to Gone Fishing

  1. Survivalist guy says:

    Haha zombie fishing 😀 awesome

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