The Fort – I

They could see the concrete walls far off in the distance, which even at this range, looked truly massive and oddly, seemed to lean toward them.

“Are you sure this is the right place? I thought this was supposed to be all forest?” Asked Sam, her auburn hair whipping gently around her face in the early morning breeze.

Jake checked the map again, the hundredth time since yesterday morning when they had come in sight of the far off structure. Directly to their east lay the giant megatropolis they had skirted around on their way through the state. Now they should be standing in thick forest brush, instead they stood on a flat dusty plain. Every hundred yards had been placed two, twenty feet long, by six feet high concrete walls arranged in a V shape with a large pit at the base of the V.

Sam looked into the nearest pit, down at the bottom she could see it was filled with vicious wooden stakes. Two bodies lay impaled on the spikes and crawling around between the stakes was a single loan humanoid, moaning as it dragged itself around the pit.

“You know, as crazy as this is” Said Jake “But I think they bulldozed this entire forest to the ground, and then built these pits and funnels.”

“Really? What gave that away Einstein? Was it the fact that the forest is completely gone? Or the vehicle tracks all over the place?” snapped Sam.

“Fine whatever” Jake looked back the way they had come “Looks like there’s some sort of dust storm in the city”

Sam, who had better eyes than Jake looked at the dust on the far eastern horizon “Weird storm, here pass me the binoculars”.

She tuned the focus in and then gasped. “Oh crap, this is not good. Come on, grab your bag we have to move.”

“What? Why?”

Grabbing her bag, Sam started to run toward the equally distant walls to the west, screaming over her shoulder as she ran “COME ON! WE HAVE TO MOVE!”

In the east, kicking up dust as they walked, a million zombies emptied from the city and began to drag themselves west.


One Response to The Fort – I

  1. Very good story. This is one of my favorite blogs, it helps me prepare for the immanent Zombie apocalypse ;).
    Keep up the great writing!

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