The melee raged below him, even from this distance it was clear who was going to win, the zombies were ex-military based on the camouflage they wore and all three had combat helms making the blows that the two travelers rained down on their heads ineffective.

Chris began to run toward the encounter, as he did so he pulled two slugs from a belt clip and slotted them into the snub nosed shotgun and with a sharp flick of his wrist, snapped the firearm together. He grabbed the ignition cord and with quick pull started the small chainsaw, bolted to the side of the shotgun.

As he approached one of the travelers slipped in the mud, the other reached to help her up and as he did so one of the horrors grabbed his arm and bit down hard. The first zombie turned toward him as he drew near, eyes black, skin a pallid yellow and arms outstretched. Chris kept running and only feet away from the zombie aimed the barrel at its face and pulled the trigger.


The slug packed with needles exploded in a cloud from the barrel, many missed but hundreds more sliced through the zombies face, eyes and mouth. As the needles turned its brains and skin to mush it fell to the ground motionless.

The second zombie didn’t see the whirring chainsaw blade as Chris plunged it deep into its exposed neck and up into its cranium. With a loud crack the chainsaw blade snapped and whipped away over Chris’s shoulder. He quickly thumbed the now chainless chainsaw off and turned to face the last zombie as it stepped over the two fallen travelers, with fresh blood and flesh hanging from its mouth it reached out and grabbed at his vest. Chris raised the gun as the zombie pulled itself in, mouth open to bite down on his neck. Inches from his face Chris shoved the barrel into one of its eyes and pulled the trigger.


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