Test Chamber #12

The whir of the treadmill dominated the room. On it a tall slender female walked, jaw slack and arms out stretched to toward the cardboard figure placed in front of the treadmill. Around her waist a thick rope secured her to the ceiling, so that slowing down or turning away would not be an option. Nailed into the side of her head were two black painted pieces of wood about the size of a letter, designed to restrict her vision and keep her fixated on the goal in front of her.

To the side two researchers in white coats watched as the mileometer ticked over the thousand mark.

The first shook his head slowly and said “Unbelievable, a thousand miles, with no rest, no slowing and no stopping!”

The second bent over to look at the zombies shoes, or what was left of them “You know, she wore through the heel at the nine hundred mark right?”


“Well, it looks like she’s going through her real heel now, I think I can see the bone”

“Utterly amazing, I think her speed will only start to drop as she wears through her feet and begins to lose balance, at which point from what we’ve seen in the other test chambers she will just start to crawl.”

“We should report our progress and then go get some lunch”

“Man, I wish that Taco place was still open, the owner made excellent Tacos before he got his arms ripped off”.

“True true, how’s he doing now?”

“Pretty good, last I heard they moved him into the ballistics chamber”

“Yeah? We should go do some practice shooting after lunch”

“Sounds like a plan!”


4 Responses to Test Chamber #12

  1. Dan L says:

    Great stuff. As funny as the movies were; coke spray coming out my nose as another zombie’s head explodes.
    You’re definitely going in my favorites.

  2. Matt says:

    This story is incredible. I’m a big fan of how quickly you create characters in a world with zombies. These stories are also educational. You should consider trying your hand at a set of cohesive stories, not necessarily tied to each other but at least clearly in the same world.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. only1rob says:

    Hmm, sounds like a plan, ill have a look into it 🙂

  4. […] I talked about how zombies want to eat human flesh, not just the brain, and how their bodies will eventually decompose over time into harmless gunk. I described the weakness of zombies and how to kill them; I described […]

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