Supplies – An Epic Love story!

“Fuuuuck!” Kyle slammed the door behind him, locked it and rammed a metal ruler through the two door handles. He turned to face his two companions, both red faced and looking scared. Kyle tried to regain his breath but stumbled back from the door as something on the other side suddenly started to pound on it.

He looked around and realized they were out of escape routes.

“What the hell” he shouted “Why are we in the break room? There’s no way out!”

Mitch who had been in the lead as they had run through the building looked around and realized Kyle was right “Crap, man I wasn’t thinking, I didn’t mean for us to end up here”

“OK, lets get in the supply room” said Kyle as he ran over to the only other door in the room “Maybe they wont find us in here?”

As he yanked the door open, Dan, the normally silent member of their group yelled out “No! they put Justin in there!”

But it was too late, ‘Justin’ came lurching out and bit down hard on Kyles arm, as he screamed the zombie reached up and grabbed at Kyles throat. Dan and Mitch backed away as blood sprayed across the room, backing into the now splintering wooden door.

“Dan” said Mitch “I love you man”

“For the last time Mitch, I’m not gay!”


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