“You hear bill died?”

“No way! I never thought a zombie would get him, he was armed to the teeth 24/7”

“Nono, a zombie didn’t get him, he was getting them and it want badly wrong ”

“How so?”

“Well he took his chopper out yesterday and was cruising around looking for some to take out, when he saw 20 or so walking along a road. He radioed in where he was and that he was going in to take them out. That was the last we heard from him”

“So how u know he died?”

“Well some of the boys went and looked for him this morning and found the wrecked chopper in the middle of the road. Apparently he tried to use the chopper blades to chop the zombies down.”

“like the movie?”

“Yeah except he rammed the blades into the ground before he even got to them”




2 Responses to Chopper

  1. Matt says:

    Yeah, for some reason it never works like in the movies. Of course, I’ve heard that those helicopter blades are extremely fragile and can shatter easily. I don’t know if they’d be up to the task of mowing down 20 zombies, even if the pilot didn’t drive into the ground. Then again, I might be pleasantly surprised.

  2. Gringe says:

    Classic!! A proper cluster fuck and another sotry that just beat the theme park one.

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