The Crowd and The Preacher

“We should be able to harness the power of our fallen brothers!” shouted the robed preacher to the assembled crowd.

“You mean fallen and then risen brothers right?” asked one of the watching throng.

“What? Yes yes, fallen and then risen brothers. We should be able to use their energy -“ he was cut off as someone else in the crowd said “Well we could use our fallen brothers for power though couldn’t we? We could chuck ‘em in a furnace and use them for power!”

The first commenter with a thoughtful look chimed in “Or, we could use them to heat our homes, put them the fire place, that sort of thing”

The preacher looked aghast “What? No, you cant burn dead people for fuel, im talking about using our walking dead brothers to drag plows for our fields, or to move building supplies or-” again he was cut off as someone else piped up “Well what about our sisters? Why cant we use them?”

“I’m,.. I’m using brothers as an interchangeable term, to cover all of the fallen, whether they be male or female!”

“Well our Albert, he got bit and died standing up, so he’s not really fallen is he?” said another of the crowd.

Another quickly followed with “Same thing happened to our Suzy, got caught in a leg trap and died standing up!”, with a subject the crowd could relate to, more and more stories of the fallen were told.

The preacher sighed, picked up his bag and pushed his way through the crowd.


One Response to The Crowd and The Preacher

  1. Gringe says:

    Genius, reminds me of the “Keel Him” stoning scene from Monty Python’s Life of Brian

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