Weapon of Choice – Part 2

Oro moved quietly along the corridor, just ahead and around the corner he could hear soft wet sounds and could smell the unmistakable stench of death. He took a deep breath, checked the breach of the large Uzi machine gun he held in his hands and stepped around the corner.

In front of him were 6 zombies, crowded around a prone female on the floor, tearing chunks away with their bare hands. One of them shifted slightly and Oro was able to see the females face.

“Nooooooo” at the sound of his voice, the zombies stood up and started to walk toward him.

“NOOOOO” Oro opened fire, wildly spraying bullets into the oncoming group; three went down, bullets to the brain. The other three were jerked backwards by the barrage of bullets slamming into their torsos.

With a loud CLICK the ammo ran out. As Oro looked at the body of his girlfriend, she sat up, turning blank eyes toward him, and then joined the remaining three as they advanced on Oro.


2 Responses to Weapon of Choice – Part 2

  1. Matt says:

    It’s just that kind of thing that would make people become loner’s, shunning friends and relationships, lonely and devoid of life or purpose beyond the basic requirements of survival. It’s the kind of thing that would happen everyday if zombies were to take over the world, and it’s that kind of reason why we have to fight them without failure.

    Oro had a gun that he used unwisely on account of his apparent lack of bullets. At least he can still run, and at least he has a cool name.

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