The video feed faded from the screen.

“OK” Barked the presenter “What did our test subject do wrong”

A hesitant volunteer raised his hand, the presenter nodded.

“She, uh, she didn’t find herself a weapon?”

“Very good, what else”

Another volunteer raised his had

“Sir, I saw three mistakes followed by one huge one. Firstly no weapon as previously noted, second she did not control her panic, third, on no single occasion did she close a door. However sir, I believe her biggest mistake was running upstairs, away from her attacker. As we saw the attic offered her no escape routes.”

The presenter smiled “Very good, very good.”

“OK next up is a two zombies on the ground floor, with you in the basement, volunteers?”


One Response to Volunteer?

  1. Matt says:

    This is the kind of thing they need to be teaching in schools.

    As for this one, you might be OK if you keep the food in the basement and the door is strong. It seemed to work pretty well in ‘Night of the Living Dead’, but you can’t count on the fact that zombies will become disoriented and confused in the daylight, because maybe they won’t be. Some basements have windows, small, but possibly big enough for an escape route. Still, it’s not a safe escape route and would also be an entrance point for zombies. In the end, more information about the basement would need to be known in order to plan a true counter-offense.

    Weapons should be fashioned, of course, but to get the zombies away from the basement door, one might try hitting the ceiling of the basement at another part of the house. The zombies might become confused and go to seek the source of that sound. If that’s true, there might be time for escape, or at least time to organize the ranks and find a way out.

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