Crowded Streets All Cleared Away

“Their clearing the streets!”

Running to the window he joined Jane and looked down at the scene below. Soldiers several blocks down were clearing a path before them, yelling over mega-phones for people to go home and stay indoors.

“This doesn’t make any sense” said Jane “The city is supposed to be safe, no one can get in or out unless they go through one of the checkpoints”.

“I don’t know what’s happening Jane, but we should be prepared for the worst. Go grab your pack, and your gun, if things goto hell we cant rely on the government to protect us.”

Reaching out he held her hands “Your hands are cold, don’t worry, it will be ok”


One Response to Crowded Streets All Cleared Away

  1. Matt says:

    Too bad the government is the one in the best position to stop things. They have the guns, the bullets, the command, the infrastructure, the power to attain resources and command soldiers. Too bad they always screw it up in the end game.

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