Roaming Herds

The dull thumping roused the rancher from his slumber. Adjusting his hat he stood up, stretched and walked to the edge of the cliff top.

Far below him, and stretched out as far as the eye could see were thousands and thousands of the walking dead boxed in on three sides by sheer cliff.

He had been watching them for 6 days now as they stood there, wondering how he could move them off of his land.

Now it appeared they had decided for themselves. At the open end of the canyon the horde seemed to have spotted something in the far distance and like a giant Mexican wave were beginning to turn and move toward it.

The Rancher smiled, un-tethered his horse and began to make his way back to his own herd.


One Response to Roaming Herds

  1. Matt says:

    That sounds like a perfect scenario to wipe out some dead.

    Two words: Fire Bomb…

    And one more: Conflagration….

    Anyone getting hungry for some BBQ?

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