What is it Good For?


The scream cut through the quiet night air but was quickly drowned out by a large explosion, all around Charlie spotlights lit up the surrounding countryside and tracer fire started up.

He snapped his night vision goggles down and aimed for the fresh breach in the wall, hoping he would have enough time to hit the head, before they were detonated and did any more damage.

His first target moved into his sites, as he began to squeeze the trigger another shout rang out.


Apparently this wasn’t a lone squad of walking bombs, but was backed up by squads of live soldiers, Obviously someone wanted their land and were determined to take it.

Charlie, took aim, fired and settled in for a long night.


One Response to What is it Good For?

  1. Matt says:

    Ah, very clever idea you’ve had there. Using the zombies as undead kamikazes, it’s brilliant. Sounds like dangerous work for whoever has to strap on the bombs, and it might be hard to orchestrate their movement toward any specific target, but I think those could be worked around. Creepy.

    I hope there’s something more than land worth protecting, though I’m sure a safe-haven in a torrent of destruction quickly becomes more than just a plot of land with a fence.

    Also, if you feel like editing, that first paragraph-sentence could use a little love.

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