The Red Mile

Dear Diary
The prison guards have not returned from the chaos out in the courtyard last night. I heard gun shots and screams but now its quiet.

Dear Diary
We can see people moving around in the lower halls behind the gates, but they are ignoring our shouts. We haven’t eaten in almost 20hours now. Something is wrong.

Dear Diary
The guards have gone insane, all I can hear are screams from the cells below. Please God don’t let them come up here.

Dear Diary
They are right outside my cell! One of them has a hole in his chest and keeps reaching through the bars at me. The other keeps hitting the door, ive never seen it shake like that before.


One Response to The Red Mile

  1. Matt says:

    This kind of situation always brings to question what should happen with the prisoners when the zombie invasion begins? Leaving them to rot in their cells seems a little harsh, but you wouldn’t want that bad element of society flourishing in the chaos, making things worse. I suppose there’s no easy way around that question.

    Some could easily be released, like those who had committed crimes that were only possible in the ‘old’ world, like money laundering or computer hacking or whatever, but it would take a long time to sort out all that information after the fact, and most people in charge aren’t going to want to take that time.

    We probably wouldn’t want to let murderers or rapists free, though thieves might have some useful skills for the near term. But for those we would rather not release, that’s basically a death sentence, which they weren’t punished with. I suppose the world after a zombie invasion is a cruel, harsh one, and the only easy out for the situation is to gas the inmates. We don’t want extra zombies just shambling around when it could have been prevented.

    Here’s a suggestion, and it may be crazy, but it’s just a suggestion. What we need to do is have judges add to the sentencing clauses on how the inmate should be handled in the case of a zombie invasion. That way, it would all be on file and the authorities would know who to free and who to gas. I suppose a second alternative would be to pass laws setting the ‘zombie rescue’ status for specific crimes, though that seems a little too inflexible. For instance, Tom Joad killed a man, but I think we can all agree that he shouldn’t be left as flesh food for the infernal undead beasts.

    Just a thought.

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