Pit Trap

Gunning the engine, Alex burst out into the clearing, slammed his brake on and slid the bike to a stop, inches away from the start of the concrete slope.

The first one came through the heavy brush, saw Alex and starting advancing, quickly followed by more and more.

Alex shoved the bike away and started to climb the slope, racing ahead of the advancing horde, grabbed the tethered rope and swung away from the ledge.

With a loud ‘CRACK’ the rope snapped, dropping Alex to the bottom of the gorge, 40 feet below.

He landed hard and heard his legs make a similar sound to the rope.

Lying on his back, winded, bleeding and unable to move, he saw the first of his pursuers blindly walking over the edge of the trap, plummeting down to land alongside Alex.


One Response to Pit Trap

  1. Matt says:

    I guess Alex’s best hope is that all the zombies that fall into the gorge break all of their bones and end up incapable of movement. Of course, that wouldn’t help him find shelter, or food, or medical attention. No, I think that rope was a real deal breaker.

    This story just stands as a warning, teaching us that when we have escape routes and plans, we need to keep them up to date, making sure that everything is adequately prepared for departure. You might think you have a rope ready for you, but what you really have is a strand of death weakened by a year in the elements. Same for ladders if you let the boards weaken, or food/water supplies if you don’t regularly check for quality. Just because you’ve taken the great steps to prepare doesn’t mean you’re work is done.

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