Swinging in the Wind

Kate and Sam stopped and stared.

“This has to be some kind of sick joke?” Whispered Kate

“How do you think they got up there?” Replied Sam “I can’t see any marks on their feet or legs, which means..”

“They were put there after they turned. Do you think we should do something?”

Sam shook her head and pointed at a distant figure coming toward them and the whispered moans from overhead. She picked up her bag, grabbed Kate’s hand and started walking away from the tall wooden makeshift gallows.

Whoever had built this was not someone she wanted to meet.


2 Responses to Swinging in the Wind

  1. Matt says:

    If the zombies were hanging from gallows, why would there be anything on their hands or feet? Maybe people who are executed by hanging in this terrifying alternate reality have symbols on their hands and feet? That’d be pretty messed up.

  2. Psychedelic says:

    feet or legs, not hands. There were zombies hanging in the gallows, if they had turned while hanging they would’ve had wounds on their feet or legs, causing them to change.

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