“They dont actually say that Joe”

“I’m pretty sure they do”

“No they don’t, I’ve seen dozens of them and yeah they moan, groan, whatever, but i have never heard one say ‘Braaains'”

“You are so wrong I’ve heard ’em too and they say it. just like in the old films they stagger around and say ‘Braains'”

“Which makes no sense, because if you kill the brain then they die, so why would they want to eat brains? It wont make more of them and they would just eat each other until one last zombie remains”

“Like a super Zombie?”

“Yeah, like a super Zombie”


One Response to Brains

  1. Matt says:

    Your idea of a super zombie is compelling, not unheard of before, but kind of Highlander-ish. I guess you have to ask yourself, wwaizd? That is, ‘what would an immortal zombie do?’ Answer? Eat people.

    But not talk. Damn zombies don’t talk.

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