Silence is Rotting

Lungs Burning he ran, splashing through the thick swamp water, dodging trees, roots and branches he ran.

In the far distance he could make out the lights of the camp. Behind him was … nothing. He stopped, breathing deeply to slow the pounding of blood in his ears, straining to listen to the sound of his pursuer.

The swamp was silent.

Maybe he had lost it? He had been running parallel to the camp, trying not to bring the monster to the camp, maybe it had worked?

He breathed deep, smiled and began to wade toward the camp when he stopped again. Looking at the camp he could make out the light, but no movement and no sound.


2 Responses to Silence is Rotting

  1. Matt says:

    Hm… If I had a spider-sense, it would probably be pissed right now. I wonder if there are zombie alligators in that swamp?

  2. Survivalist guy says:

    Re: Matt, actually I read in the zombie survival guide that the virus that causes infection can’t get in most animals due to an immune system different.

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