Shuffle to the meat

She lay there beneath the classroom table, a book bag for a pillow and an empty drinks bottle clutched in her arms. The table cloth draped over the corner table blocked the sight of her classmates, but she could still hear them, shuffling around the locked classroom, Unable to get out, unable to do anything other than bump into walls, moan and kill.

She knew they could kill after Mary had made a break for the locked door from under the table they had shared. Her screams still echoed in her head.

As she lay there, dehydrated, hungry and alone she prayed for help that she knew would never come.


3 Responses to Shuffle to the meat

  1. Matt says:

    A normal person would despair, but the girl has options. She could try the camo bush approach, slowly inching the table closer to the door, hoping nothing dead notices. She could use the table as a shield to knock away zombies in her path. She could throw the water bottle to create a diversion on the other side of the room. Perhaps jumping out through a window might be a better option.

    And if nothing else, at least make a break for it like Mary. Mary might not have been very smart, but you have to admit the girl had guts. Or hysteria.

  2. jamie says:

    Well she DID have guts, but not for long……

  3. Survivalist guy says:

    Re: Jamie haha good one

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