Mike woke with a start and stifled a scream.

He looked at his watch. 11am. He had slept for over ten hours, obviously five days of running had taken its toll.

From the bed Mike looked around the small room for Emily. Not seeing her he got up and checked the bathroom and hallway. With increased desperation Mike ran out onto the street scanning the tall buildings for sign of movement, for a sign of Emily.

In a panic he shouted out her name, not caring about the risk, but no sound came back.

He sat down on the curb, utterly alone and wept.


One Response to Missing

  1. Matt says:

    He should have checked the kitchen. And also not shouted. That draws too much attention to one’s self. Of course, if he no longer had a will to live, that might not be an issue, but we should never give up hope that we can die without unliving.

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